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Welcome to my site

I am Alex, I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a certified personal fitness trainer and strength & conditioning coach. I am a nutritionist, a world-class competitor, a men's physique international competitor, an international fitness model, an elite athlete trainer, and a published author.

I always had a passion for sports and have been an athlete all of my life which has led me to dedicate myself to fitness and health.

I believe in hard work and education. I received a bachelor of science degree in sports and exercise nutrition from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England. I have been blessed in my life to know such accomplished and inspirational people with whom I also consider friends. I train top celebrities, elite athletes and professional and successful business men and women. I have competed in the world's most prestigious competitions. I have been published on covers of books, magazines, newspapers and have been on numerous television and radio shows.

I always believe that a man can achieve what he aspires to as long as he has no barriers, the right mindset and tunnel vision. My calling is to share my knowledge with others and to help change lives for the better and in many cases, save lives. Health is wealth and I am a messenger.